Our Products

Our electrical prefab products are specifically engineered to provide guaranteed savings on fast paced products. While we are capable of providing a fully engineered prefab solution with cable whips we focus on assemblies only solutions as these save Electrical Contractors time and money every time. Our long time experience with fully engineered solutions is that sometimes they save Electrical Contractors time and sometimes they don’t. We feel Electrical Contractors know the best way to route and pull cable. We will provide Electrical Prefab products with cable whips to customer’s specifications.

In addition to standard stock products we also will produce Electrical Prefab Assemblies to customers specifications including cable whip if desired. It is our experience that Electrical Contractors have specific preferences for brackets, devices, etc. Quickfab is able to purchase brackets, devices, etc. from just about any supplier.

Many Electrical Prefab Suppliers provide fixed brackets and mud-rings and do not anticipate changes on job sites, For instance brackets are shipped for standard 3 5/8″ drywall and standard 5/8″ drywall and it turns out the project has some 2 1/2″ studs and 1/2″ drywall on it. Most Quickfab products have adjustable mud-rings, adjustable back supports and stud to stud adjustable brackets.

In short we have used our many years of experience and customer feedback to develop Electrical Prefab Products that save Electrical Contractors time and money every time.