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Helping Electrical Contractors Save Time & Money.

HPH Products is a lean, customer focused supplier of Electrical Prefab Assemblies. We have successfully completed over 200 projects going back to 2007 ranging from small local bank branch locations, to large Federal and Residential Tower projects. Please refer to our list of completed projects.

We have a UL Listing (QQYZ) to manufacture Prefabricated Electrical Assemblies. We are very proud that almost all our employees have been with us for 7 years plus. HPH is an IBEW Local 1158 Shop. Our employees are much more than assemblers. They really understand electrical prefab.

Helping Electrical Contractors Consulting & Manufacturing Support

In addition to these projects HPH Products supplies consulting and manufacturing support to larger prefab and wire & cable Manufacturers. In addition to the listed projects that we have completed we have manufactured product for other suppliers and have helped other entities set up their prefab shops and design new electrical prefab products.

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We strongly believe in lean construction and practice lean manufacturing at our own shop. HPH can manufacture and ship electrical prefab assemblies much faster than larger suppliers. We do not try to sell products and services that do not improve customer’s bottom line. For this reason, we do not promote fully engineered electrical prefab as fully engineered does not guarantee consistent, predictable savings to the customer. We have seen this repeatably over the years.

Electrical Prefab Assemblies consistently deliver 15 minutes plus labor productivity and also reduces management, purchasing, downtime and waste.

HPH is focused and local. If we cannot meet a customer’s deadline or expectations, we do not quote the project. Some of our competitors blindly take jobs on that they cannot deliver in time.
We sell standard products but realize that Field Electricians and Project Managers have preferences for bracket, boxes etc. and we have no problem sourcing parts from most manufacturers including wiring devices.
We regularly quote Electrical Contractors directly, however every order must be placed though a qualified Distributor. We also can quote Distributors directly and they can decide how much to mark up quotes. HPH is also set up to wire up and assemble devices from Suppliers and Distributors.

Most of our business is either repeat or word of mouth. At present we do not have independent Sales Representatives or an outside sales team which is beneficial to our cost structure.
Our sale motto is “send up the prints and we will send you the savings”.

It’s that simple.

Please allow us the opportunity to quote your next project.